leeds sixth form

Academic and pastoral support

At Leeds Sixth Form College, you will be provided with plenty of support to help you maximise your potential.

Time is allocated in your timetable for peer study groups or one-to-one coaching sessions with a tutor. These sessions allow you to share ideas and receive support with your studies.

Student wellbeing
If you are experiencing personal difficulties that may affect your studies you can access specialised one-to-one support. This support is available from our dedicated academic coaches as well as our student wellbeing manager.

We also provide drop-in help sessions to support with studying, revision, and exam preparation ensuring that you are fully equipped to succeed.

Students can also engage with an array of enrichment activities to build friendships, pursue personal interests, and contribute to the student body.

Work experience and employability
We provide volunteer and employment opportunities for all A level students that may require work experience to progress with their chosen career paths.

This practical experience can boost your UCAS application and will give you the working knowledge necessary for higher education or employment.

Financial support
At college there are lots of ways we can support you with course related costs such as travel passes, free lunches, college equipment, and uniforms. More information can be found on the college’s financial support page.

Some of the financial support that we offer includes:

  • Free lunches
  • Stationery
  • Support funds
  • Travel passes
  • Uniforms
  • Bursaries
  • Equipment
  • Trips
  • Childcare

At Leeds Sixth Form College we want to ensure there are no barriers to your learning. Contact us for more information on how we can support you.

Academic & Pastoral Support

"You will be provided with a range of support and additional activities to help you achieve and maximise your full potential."