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Enrich and excel

What is enrichment?
When reviewing applications, universities and employers look for evidence of a commitment to a chosen subject or job area and a range of skills that go beyond academic study. All students are encouraged to develop these skills and qualities that make them stand out from the crowd by participating in enrichment activities.

Enrichment can either be extra-curricular or super-curricular and all Leeds Sixth Form College students are given the opportunity to undertake both. Extra-curricular activities are pursuits and interests that students undertake in addition to their academic studies to show employers and universities what well rounded individuals they are. Super-curricular activities take an individual's academic study to a higher level and demonstrate a real commitment to a subject.

Here at Leeds Sixth Form College, we provide a range of activities to help students develop both strands. All students will participate in both strands of enrichment activities every term. Students who complete at least four enrichment activities in different areas will receive the Leeds Sixth Form Community Award to recognise their achievements. Many students will also complete 'points boosting' subjects such as the Extended Project Qualification and Core Maths to improve their applications to employment, university, and apprenticeships.

Students will also have the opportunity to be a part of a variety of clubs and societies including NextGen Leaders, Green Club, Leeds Sixth Form College Forum, Student Council, and the Leeds City College Students’ Union (LCCSU) as well as local volunteering.

All students in their first year of A levels will undertake a week long work placement in a work area relevant to their future progression. Last year, students were placed in a variety of areas including law firms, pharmaceutical companies, engineering, business management, nursing, library services, Houses of Parliament, doctors surgeries, dentist surgeries, and logistics to name but a few.

When does enrichment happen?
At Leeds Sixth Form College, Wednesday afternoons are reserved especially for enrichment programmes. While a few enrichment activities take place at other times, all lessons close at Wednesday lunchtime, and the rest of the day sees our students enjoying their chosen enrichment programmes!

What activities are on offer?
There are more than thirty enrichment programmes to choose from, these change each term. You’ll discover the full range when term begins, but examples include the Chess Club,  the Urban Dance Workshop, the Debating Society, the college gym and strategy and logic games.

Enrichment Opportunities

"Express yourself. Join our music and dance groups for the opportunity to perform, socialise and explore your creativity."