Level up your learning in safety this September

The same energetic environment with extra safety measures

Are you preparing to start at Leeds Sixth Form College this September? We understand that it is a daunting time to be starting somewhere new, but we’re here to help you level up your learning in safety. This page has resources to help support your transition from school to college as well as details on how we will keep you safe.

Take it to the next level at a place where you’re treated as an individual, where teachers inspire you and where you achieve your aspirations. Browse our range of A levels and step- up programmes here. You will experience the same energetic and supportive environment, just with some extra safety measures, which you can find below.

Scroll down to see our plans to ensure you can level up your learning in a safe way.

Safety measures

  • Access to hygiene materials such as hand wash, tissues and paper towels.
  • ‘Blended’ learning which involves a mixture of remote and on-site learning.
  • Creation of ‘bubbles’ to reduce mixing of staff and students.
  • Limited number of students and staff on-site with cycles.
  • Regular deep cleaning of the building.
  • Remote tutorials, supervision and enrichment where appropriate.
  • Social distancing within the college.
  • Temperature checks where appropriate.
  • Temporary closures (if necessary) to reduce the risk of local, national or in-college infections.

Blended learning

Level up with a new way of learning.

The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is a top priority and is at the heart of everything we do, including how we teach and learn.


We asked our students for feedback on their experiences of remote learning, and we’re pleased to say it was overwhelmingly positive, with them feeling confident with their progress during the move to online learning. As a result, we’re adapting the way we work and will continue to listen to student feedback. 


What is blended learning?

It’s a style of education in which students learn via online media as well as traditional classroom teaching.


How will this be delivered?

We will be using Google Suite Enterprise for Education, which includes enhanced Google Meet features such as live streaming, breakout rooms, Q&A, polling and whiteboard features. Some departments may use other platforms too such as Microsoft 365; this will vary depending on your course, and your tutor will give you more information on this.


Teachers will also be able to create supportive online community groups, so you can benefit from additional support.


What will you need?

Every student will be assessed (during the induction period if you’re a new student and in the first few weeks if you’re a returning student), to ensure you have everything you need for blended learning, this will include:


  • Access to a device (smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, desktop or laptop)

  • Internet connectivity, including data (broadband or phone data)

  • Suitable learning environment at home


If you don’t have one or more of the above, don’t worry! The college will support you to ensure you get the same opportunity as your peers. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more contact

Closure phases

As the pandemic situation and circumstances change, Leeds Sixth Form College may move between opening and closure phases. The decision for these phases will be largely based on information from the Department for Education, (DfE), Public Health England and local authorities.

Similar to the ‘Stay Alert’ system created by the UK government, the different opening and closure phases involve enforcing stringent safety guidelines and relaxing these rules based on the latest situation and the appropriate response. These phases include and involve the following:

Providing remote learning for all but approximately 20 vulnerable students. Tracking and monitoring systems will be established and support to students will be provided.

Apply now/what’s next

It’s not too late to apply to Leeds Sixth Form College, ready for a September 2020 start.

Simply look through our A levels and apply for your chosen courses and we’ll be in touch shortly with enrolment information.


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