14+ Academy students excel in GCSEs despite changes to the qualification standards

GCSEs have undergone a bit of a transformation in the last year, with grading and qualification standards becoming tougher. However, despite this, students at Leeds City College have proved that anything is possible with hardwork and determination.

Approximately one in five UK GCSE entries scored at least an A grade, which is a 7 under the new grading system.

Charlotte and Gorsia are among many students who excelled at the academy and came out with outstanding results.

“It was quite overwhelming because I was sitting in the car thinking, I’d prepare myself for the worst and hope that I’d get the best.

I think I’ve had the best results in six years and I am really happy. The college has done so much for me,” said Charlotte.

Gorshia, who moved to the UK from Poland last summer also overcame challenges of not fitting in and struggling at school, to finding a place where she felt she belonged, winning the ESOL 14-16 Student of the Year award at the Star Awards in June.

Alongside her positive and jovial outlook on life and school, Gorsia contributed to every lesson and was an asset in her class.

“I think my teacher is the best teacher ever,” she said.

“She helped me with everything. I wasn’t the best student in my country, I didn’t learn anything, but this year, I was the Student of the Year for my course.”