At Leeds Sixth Form College, you will be provided with plenty of support to help you maximise your potential. Time is allocated in your timetable for peer study groups or 1:1 coaching sessions with a tutor. These sessions allow you to share ideas and receive support with your studies.

The Hub

5 skill areas. 4 strands. 1 you.

The Hub is where you can find a whole range of ways to develop your independent skills and personal goals. Staffed by a team of study support officers, discover all of the services we offer below.

5 key areas:

We are here to support your development as an individual and aid you in achieving your ambition. As well as helping you strive for academic excellence, we focus on developing your:

Academic skills
Independent skills
Digital skills
Future-ready skills
Digital sense

4 strands:

  • The learning hubs

    Formerly known as the Learning Resource Centre, our learning hubs are the ideal space for independent study, quiet reading or having a 1:1 with a tutor. With access to over 20,000 ebooks as well as novels, graphic novels and learning resources, the hubs are a perfect place to find inspiration.

  • 1:1 support

    Any student can request a private chat with a learning mentor, as can a member of staff who has a concern about an individual. The focus is on you as an individual, this is your time to discuss the area you need help with. Together we will work out the key areas for you to focus on.

  • In-class sessions

    We work closely with teaching staff to deliver lessons that will build your confidence and prepare you for life beyond further education. Using different techniques such as games and activities, topics are presented in a way to help you grow as an independent learner.

  • Outside the classroom

    We hold regular competitions and activities. Whether it’s a reading challenge or pixel art competition, there’s an opportunity for everyone to take part. We also feature on the enrichment timetable and deliver study sessions, covering important skills from research to referencing.

1 you:

Our goal is helping you achieve yours. We’re here to work with you so you can get the most out of your time at Leeds Sixth Form College and realise your dreams.

pastoral support

Student wellbeing
If you are experiencing personal difficulties that may affect your studies, you can access specialised 1:1 support. This support is available from our dedicated pastoral team.

We also provide drop-in help sessions to support with studying, revision and exam preparation – ensuring you are fully equipped to succeed.

You can also engage with an array of enrichment activities to build friendships, pursue your personal interests and contribute to the student body.

Work experience and preparation for the world of work
All students in their year of A levels will undertake a week long work placement in an area relevant to their future progression. In addition to this, there are opportunities to volunteer.

This practical experience can boost your UCAS application and equip you with the working knowledge necessary for higher education or employment.

Student Safety & Relations Officers (SSROs)

All our staff are dedicated to ensuring you get the best education and leave with the life skills that will see you reach your goals. To support and encourage you in your development, we have a team of Student Safety and Relations Officers.

What we do:

Our aim is to enhance the student experience, supporting and encouraging your development as a young adult. We help you reach your full potential, focusing on key areas such as self-awareness, independence and individuality. SSROs also focus on fostering positive behaviours between you and your peers and you’ll see them greet you as you enter the college, providing positive affirmations as you start your day. SSROs also engage with you through extracurricular and cultural activities via the Campus Engagement Programme and enrichment afternoons every Wednesday.

The Campus Engagement Programme (CEP):

The CEP is an activity-based programme aimed to provide students with the tools and knowledge they need to develop as a young adult. The programme strengthens character, promotes individuality and widens their viewpoint by introducing students to different cultures. Through developing these life skills, students are driven to achieve academically and beyond the curriculum.

How you can get involved:

As well as welcoming you to your day, SSROs have their offices located in the student social areas where you can approach them should you have queries or want to talk. Activities are often held during lunchtime in these student social spaces to encourage you to get involved and get the most out of your college experience.