Financial Support

At Leeds Sixth Form College, students facing financial barriers can access a range of support to help them succeed with their studies. With support for meals and travel passes available, don’t let money worries hold you back from your future. 

The following financial support is available to eligible students to help with costs associated with studying: 

  • 16–19 Discretionary Bursary 
  • 16–18 Priority Fund 
  • 19+ Discretionary Fund 

Student Financial Support Fund 

You may be eligible to receive the following support, depending on your individual circumstances: 

  • Travel passes. 
  • Meals, including supermarket vouchers whilst on internships and work placements. 
  • Childcare costs. 
  • Hardship and emergency funds. 
  • Advanced Learner Loan students may also receive support with course- related equipment, kit and uniform as well as education visits and residentials. 
  • Free sanitary products. 
  • For other students, course- related costs are funded by departments. 

Don’t let childcare worries stand in your way. You may be eligible for support with the costs of childcare whilst you study. We have the following financial support for eligible students:. 

  • 20+ Childcare Fund 
  • Childcare costs for under 20s 

Our childcare adviser can support parents to find childcare while they continue to study. We prioritise young parents aged 16 to 20 and help them access suitable childcare and other support in the community as well as supporting their funding application for Care to Learn – a national childcare funding scheme.  

Parents aged over 20 experiencing barriers to securing childcare places can also be referred, this could be because they have vulnerabilities or language barriers, or their child/ family may have additional needs. If the parent requires funding for their childcare costs they must complete the ‘Google Form for students to register intention of interest for full application of funds’ (link above)

Please complete the childcare referral form or give the link to the student so they can complete it themselves.

How to apply

Whilst our systems are down, please use the Google Form for students to register intention of interest for full application of funds (to start the process).

Welfare Advice

The Welfare Team offers support with issues that can make it difficult to attend college. If a student discloses that they are worried about debts, housing or homelessness, loss of work, claiming benefits, not having enough food or struggling with other costs we can advise.

Please complete the welfare referral form.