Financial Support

At Leeds Sixth Form College, students facing financial barriers can access a range of support to help them succeed with their studies. With support for meals and travel passes available, don’t let money worries hold you back from your future. 

The following financial support is available to eligible students to help with costs associated with studying: 

  • 16–19 Discretionary Bursary 
  • 16–18 Priority Fund 
  • 19+ Discretionary Fund 
  • Care to Learn – a government scheme to help with childcare costs for under 20s.

Student Financial Support Fund 

You may be eligible to receive the following support, depending on your individual circumstances: 

  • Travel passes. 
  • Meals, including supermarket vouchers whilst on internships and work placements. 
  • Childcare costs. 
  • Hardship and emergency funds. 
  • Support with course-related kit and equipment for students aged 19+
  • For students under 19, course-related costs may be funded by departments. 

Don’t let childcare worries stand in your way. You may be eligible for support with the costs of childcare whilst you study. We have the following financial support for eligible students: 

  • Childcare costs for under 20s
  • 20+ Childcare Fund


If you are aged under 20, you may be eligible for help under the government’s Care to Learn scheme which pays for childcare with an Ofsted-registered provider while you are at college up to a maximum of £160 per week for each child.

The Care to Learn scheme can help with the cost of your childcare, including deposit and registration fees, a childcare taster session for up to five days, keeping your childcare place over the summer holidays and taking your child to their childcare provider.

To apply, you must choose your childcare provider before you make a Care to Learn application. The Childcare Advisor/Karen Crabtree can assist you with this. Once you have done this, complete an application online at

After you have applied, you must show a copy of your child’s birth certificate and a letter confirming you are claiming child benefit for your child to the Childcare Advisor/Karen Crabtree. Your childcare provider will only be paid once you have shown evidence of this.

For further information about the Care to Learn scheme, visit


Further Education students who are 20 years of age or over, and meet the income eligibility for their course, can apply for assistance with childcare fees during their timetabled hours of study. A contribution of up to £7,000 to cover childcare costs may be made per student over the course of the academic year.

To apply for childcare support, complete the following steps:

  • Download the 2021/22 childcare application form on the link below.
  • Arrange for the childcare quote form to be completed by your childcare provider. The childcare quote form must be submitted with the childcare application form.
  • Ensure that the childcare provider you are going to be using is registered with Leeds City College.
  • Please take your completed childcare application form, birth certificate or Child Tax Credit award notice with your income evidence to your curriculum admin team for checking.
  • If you can provide a completed childcare quote form at this stage then please do so, however, if you are unable to do so, you will be asked to submit your childcare quote form once your application has been assessed and your childcare has been provisionally approved.
  • The checklist on the front of the childcare application form must be signed off confirming that your application is complete before it can be submitted.

Please note, funding will not be agreed upon until you have returned the signed childcare agreement. The childcare agreement must be signed by both the student and the childcare provider.

The maximum contribution towards childcare per student per academic year is up to £7,000. The daily cap is now £55 and the cap on a morning or afternoon session is £30.

Childcare Application Form:

LCC form

Quote Form:

LCC Quote Form

For further details on the process for applying for childcare 2021-2022 please click here

Please also click here to see Childcare FAQs

How to apply

Shortly after you have enrolled, a unique application form will be sent to the email address you supplied at enrolment. Once you have completed the application, you will then receive an email advising what evidence you will need to bring and where to take it.

Where to contact us:

General inbox –

Childcare queries (over 20 years old) –

Childcare queries (under 20 years old) –

Priority Fund queries –

Welfare Advice

The Welfare Team offers support with issues that can make it difficult to attend college. If a student discloses that they are worried about debts, housing or homelessness, loss of work, claiming benefits, not having enough food or struggling with other costs we can advise.

Please complete the welfare referral form.