Course Length: 2 years
Study Type: Full time
Start Date: September 2024

Course Overview

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. It explores key societal questions, such as why we conform to rules or obey authority figures. A level Psychology develops your knowledge of psychological approaches, theories, concepts and methods, along with how the science of psychology works. You’ll explore case studies, learning how to draw parallels between the findings. You will also be introduced to important issues and debates that relate to contemporary psychological topics.

  • Entry Requirements
    Grade 9-5 in GCSE English and two separate science subjects, or Combined Science. Please see our Entry Requirements for more guidance.
  • Benefits/Skills
    From valuable research skills to conceptual reasoning, psychology is a practice that benefits its practitioners as well its subjects. A level Psychology will improve your communication skills, teaching you how to communicate effectively or resolve conflict. It’s one of the few subjects that will build your knowledge in scientific theories, behavioural analysis, child development and medical diagnoses, while introducing you to a range of strategies you can use for personal growth and success.
  • Units/Modules
    In year one, you will study the major approaches to psychology, including exploring key items of research, investigating important studies related to that topic and uncovering how research is conducted in that area of psychology. You will learn to use statistical tests to help interpret data collected in class exercises. Year two gives you an opportunity to study some uses of psychology in the real world. You will discover how the approaches you have studied come together to explain human behaviour.
  • Careers/Progression
    A level Psychology can lead to degree courses including psychology, pharmacy, nursing, social work, counselling, business, personnel and teaching. Possible career routes include specialist areas of psychology, such as clinical, forensic, occupational and health. Students have previously studied psychology at a wide range of universities including King’s College London.

just for fun

Psychologist Ivan Pavlov's well-known experiment featured which animal?
A) Rats
B) Monkeys
C) Dogs
Dogs. Pavlov’s experiment with dogs led to, arguably, one of the greatest psychology discoveries: that of classical conditioning.
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