Film Studies

Film Studies at Leeds Sixth Form College is a lot more than ‘just watching films’ although you will watch films throughout the year, both feature length and short, along with countless clips and sequences.

You will study the moving image and will critically analyse the meanings behind the clips. In addition, you will gain knowledge and understanding of how films are specifically designed and constructed to generate particular meanings and responses. You will study a diverse range of films encompassing old Hollywood, European cinema, experimental film and more.

For each film studied, you will explore the aesthetics of the medium and how films can manipulate the emotions through generating meanings and responses. You will then apply this knowledge in the production of short films.

While producing your own films, you will demonstrate your creative ability, your understanding of the technical features of film-making, and the relationship between the film and spectators.

Progression routes
Many students study degrees in film and television production, film studies, or media studies. However, A level Film Studies develops analytical and creative skills. Students have also progressed on to a range of other courses including journalism, American studies, art, textiles, law, business, and marketing.

Entry criteria:

Start Date September 2022
2 years
Study Mode

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