Film Studies

Course Length: 2 years
Study Type: Full time
Start Date: September 2024

Course Overview

Film Studies is a lot more than ‘just watching films’. It involves adopting a critical perspective that allows you to view a variety of other genres through a fresh pair of eyes.

  • Entry Requirements
    Five GCSEs at 9-4 including English. Please see our Entry Requirements for more guidance.
  • Benefits/Skills
    For each film studied, you will explore its aesthetics and how it manages to manipulate emotions, while applying theoretical and critical approaches to get to the core of the text. You will also learn to debate and question the intentions of directors - bearing in mind the impact of contextual factors - allowing you to build your communication and debating skills, along with your essay writing technique. Film Studies has a 30% production element where you will put into practice all you have learnt to create your own short film. This will allow you to evidence your ability to be creative, demonstrate your understanding of the technical features of filmmaking, and the all-important relationship between the film and the audience.
  • Units/Modules
    You will analyse the meanings of key scenes and sequences, exploring how ideologies are incorporated and how different contexts impact on the production and interpretation of a film. You will also learn how films are specifically constructed to generate particular meanings and responses across a diverse range of categories, including Old Hollywood, European Cinema and Experimental Film.
  • Careers/Progression
    A level Film Studies allows many students to study Film at university level. It also equips students with transferable skills such as critical thinking and sophistication of thought - making it helpful for a wide range of creative and academic courses including Journalism, History, English Literature, American Studies, and PR and Marketing.

just for fun

The oldest surviving film, according to the Guinness Book of Records, was filmed right here in Leeds. But in which year was Roundhay Garden Scene made?
A) 1919
B) 1888
C) 1903
D) 1890
Correct answer: B) 1888
A trio of film students, one male student recording sound, a female student filming and the second male student is the subject

I chose Leeds Sixth Form College as it’s right in the heart of a vibrant and cosmopolitan city where I can discover new experiences.

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