Studying A level Law provides you with the opportunity to gain a real insight into our legal system, the framework that underpins our society, and how this affects ordinary citizens. You will gain an understanding of where our laws come from and how multiple legal cases reach a verdict.

In the first year of study, you will be given an introduction to criminal law and tort law. You will also study negligence and occupiers liability. In the second year, you will deepen your understanding of tort law by looking at vicarious liability and defences.

In addition to this, you will study either human rights or look in depth at the nature of law in a wider context. This will develop your understanding of how the law interacts with morality, justice, society, and technology.

Progression routes
Many students study law at university and access careers in the legal system and the teaching and police sectors. Law also develops critical thinking skills relevant to further study and employment. We have previously had students go on to study degrees at the University of Law.

Entry criteria:

Start Date September 2022
2 years
Study Mode

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