Physics is an exciting subject which aims to explain how things work, from the smallest of particles to the vastness of galaxies and the universe. With a Physics A level you will develop skills in physics, maths, technical writing, observation, measuring instruments, research, and independent work.

Physics has become increasingly important in the world of work, changing our leisure time and influencing technology. It solves problems, helps diagnose medical conditions, creates new materials, suggests possible solutions to the energy crisis, and is the science behind the internet.

Topics covered at A level include the fundamental theories in physics. You will gain insight into a range of topics including atomic structure, radioactivity, particle interactions at the quark level, quantum physics, vectors, forces, linear motion and momentum, material, and thermal physics.

Progression routes
As a discipline, physics is used in many areas of industry including engineering, health and biomedicine, public services, utilities, environmental monitoring, education, computing, to mention but a few. Physics will develop your problem-solving, research, and analytical skills.

Entry criteria:

Start Date September 2022
2 years
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