Religious Studies

A level Religious Studies covers a wide range of key topics, including the nature of God/gods, life after death, challenges from science and the nature and role of religion. It also deals with vital philosophical issues such as arguments for the existence of God, the nature of evil and suffering, religious experience and religious language, miracles and the nature of the self.

In addition, it covers various aspects of morality and ethics, including religion and sexual identity, ethical theories, issues of human life and death, as well as animal life and death. Religious Studies will help you develop clear ways of thinking, evaluation, problem solving and research skills, and will help you to develop your writing skills to present complex ideas in a clear, precise, well-structured manner.

Progression routes
A level Religious Studies is a popular choice of A level and is well regarded by good universities.  It can lead on to further study in fields such as philosophy, and combines well with subjects such as history and sociology.  It can lead to careers in teaching, the civil service, charity work, counselling, journalism, social work, and many others.

Entry criteria:

Start Date September 2022
2 Years
Study Mode

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