Student gets second chance to achieve A levels

Leeds Sixth Form gave Grace Firth another chance after she failed her A levels at school. Following a break from education, she came here and walked away with a B and two As in law, psychology and sociology, respectively.

She said: “I didn’t enjoy my time at school, the teaching wasn’t good and only focused on grades. Coming here made a huge difference. I wanted to start my A levels from scratch and this was the perfect setting and environment for me to do so.

“The teaching here was the biggest difference. Tutors were always willing to help and go the extra mile to meet our needs. They made me feel relaxed and gave me a homely place to start again, which made me motivated to succeed.”

Grace made new friends and met people from diverse backgrounds. Alongside her studies, she had a weekend job that was sometimes a challenge. “At one point during my time here, the pressure of trying to work, study and fit in a social life got to me and I broke down.

“Thanks to the wellbeing team at college, I got the support I needed and managed to get back on track. I was also nominated to be a student leader, which allowed me to help fellow students with any difficulties they were facing.”

The 19-year-old was pleased to see her results after two years of hard work. “I couldn’t believe it, even my mum started crying with happiness.

“I would like to say thank you to all my teachers, especially Glenis, who made me love psychology.”

Grace will be heading to Nottingham Trent University to study psychology and hopes to specialise in sport psychology or forensics.