A level student off to study medicine after achieving ‘outstanding’ grades

Emily Kershaw’s hard work has paid off as she secures a place at University of Birmingham to study medicine in September after achieving three A* grades in Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry and an A in Biology.

Not only has she achieved incredible results, she was regularly the first in and last out of the class over the last two years and made use of the resources available, perfecting her craft and ensuring she came away with the results she needed.

She said: “I’m very, very happy and was really pleased with the results – I didn’t think I’d do so well.

“Without my biology and chemistry teachers I would not be doing medicine. The teachers at the college have always been so supportive in everything I’ve done.

“They were amazing!

“I work very well by myself so working online wasn’t too bad, but that was thanks to the teachers and the way we did the lessons – that really helped with my tests.

“It was a terrible two years overall because of Covid but the college did everything it could to make sure that part of it was a great experience.”​

Emily, who was nominated for the Leeds Sixth Form Student of the Year award, has also been credited with being enterprising, and often supported and inspired other students with her mind maps to help them link topics together and understand complex modules.

As well as her studies, Emily completed an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in her enrichment time, studying possible cures for rabies. Her essay covered research on possible treatments and quality of life patients had after contracting the disease. This independent research, she says, reinforced her desire to study medicine as she pursued her ambitions of becoming a doctor in the armed forces.