Getting mentally fit with the Fika app

Many of us take measures to keep physically fit, whether that’s through going to the gym, joining a local sports team or working out from home. However, are we doing enough to keep ourselves mentally fit?

Now is a more important time than ever to start looking after our mental health and wellbeing, given the impacts that Covid-19 has had on our mental health, with a particular focus on students.

The Association of Colleges Mental Health Report in Colleges 2021 found that nearly half of colleges say that mental health referrals have been significantly higher since the pandemic began and 85% of colleges have seen a significant number of students with undiagnosed mental health difficulties.

Bringing change to college

The pandemic has brought about a need for change, urging us to reflect on our mental health and wellbeing within education.

By putting students’ wellbeing at the heart of their learning experience, Leeds Sixth Form College has introduced the Fika mental fitness app.


Fika focuses on developing seven skills of your mental fitness: confidence, positivity, focus, connection, meaning, motivation and stress management. It improves these areas to build mental fitness in just five minutes per day. 

Short courses build your social and employability skills, earning you certificates that can even boost your CV.

Fika is easily accessible through the app or a web browser. You can download it from the App store or Google Play store. You’ll just need your college email address to log in.

Find out more about Fika through this short video

If you have any questions about Fika, please email Gemma Williams, our Student Wellbeing Manager.