Course Length: 2 years
Study Type: Full time
Start Date: September 2024

Course Overview

A level Biology is designed to develop an understanding of various key biological systems. These systems include the components of cells, the molecules which make up living organisms and the reactions between them. As well as human biology, this A level also compares the systems found in plants and animals which are necessary for life.

  • Entry Requirements
    Grade 9-5 in GCSE Biology or grade 9-5 in GCSE Combined Science, along with grade 9-5 in GCSE Maths. Please see our Entry Requirements for more guidance.
  • Benefits/Skills
    By studying A level Biology, you will develop a variety of investigative practical skills, including the use of scientific equipment, data presentation and analysis and technique evaluation.
  • Units/Modules
    During the first year of your A level, you will become familiar with key biological systems, deepening your understanding of the functions and reactions that make up the systems of various living organisms. In your second year of study, a more integrated approach to considering biological systems is needed, as you learn about how different parts of the body and various populations interact in the topics of communication and ecology. This A level is assessed by examination at the end of the second year. You will also work on an ongoing practical portfolio consisting of required experiments, which will be reported separately in the results.
  • Careers/Progression
    A level Biology stands students in good stead when applying for biology-related university courses. We have excellent progression rates to university with students gaining places on biology, neuroscience, food and nutrition, and medical courses.

just for fun

What is the size of the smallest known frog?
A) 10mm
B) 7.7mm
C) 5mm
Correct answer: B: 7.7mm
The Paedophryne amauensis is the smallest known vertebrate
Male and female students in the laboratory working on an experiment

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