English Language

On the English Language course, you will study how language has evolved, how it is used in different contexts and how it is learnt.

You will study a range of language topics and learn how to analyse different texts, including conversations generated by modern technology. You will study language topics such as gender, accent and dialect, and occupational English.

In the second year, the core topics are language change and language acquisition. Language change includes the history of English from its beginning around 500 A.D. Language acquisition details how children learn to speak, read, and write. As part of the language acquisition modules, you will look at work from linguists such as Chomsky and Skinner.

You will develop your writing skills to adapt to various formats such as articles, essays and analyses. Analytical skills are essential to further study in all subjects and you will develop these skills through critically comparing texts.

Progression routes

Students with an A level English Language go on to study a wide range of subjects at university, as the skills you will develop are transferable to lots of different courses. You could go on to study any of the humanities or social sciences, or English, journalism or creative writing.

Entry criteria:

Start Date September 2022
2 years
Study Mode

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