Empowering dreams and community impact

At Leeds Sixth Form College, fostering an environment where students not only excel academically but also grow as individuals is paramount. 

Fatima joined us in September after studying English and maths at Leeds City College. She came with a clear aspiration: to pursue a career in health care. Since September, Fatima has been fully committed to her studies with an ambition to go to medical school.

Alongside her studies, Fatima has actively engaged with the sixth form’s I’m INspired programme which, through various activities, helps students hone their employability skills and prepare for higher education.

Her participation in I’m INspired has also led to her being accepted into the Reach for Excellence programme at Leeds University. This initiative helps students in Years 12 and 13 develop their confidence and prepares them for independent study as they approach higher education and professional life.

We caught up with Fatima to learn more about her studies and commitment to making a difference in the college community.

What subjects are you studying? 

Biology, Chemistry, and Maths.

Why did you decide to study these subjects? 

Firstly, I have a strong interest in chemistry and mathematics. I wanted to improve my understanding of biology, which I grew to love. I enrolled in this course to learn about various subjects, particularly medicine, as it aligns with my career aspirations. 

How have you found your time at sixth form so far?

I have enjoyed my studies because I have made many friends. My favourite aspect is the supportive teachers; their assistance motivates me and I know that I can learn a lot from them.

How have you found the support from your tutors? 

My tutor is amazing because he is always available to help me with any problems or questions I may have. His support is invaluable to me. Furthermore, I appreciate the support from both my teachers and friends.

What’s your favourite thing about Leeds Sixth Form College?

I have found the environment to be welcoming, and I have made new friends.

How have you found working in the I’m INspired programme? 

I am grateful for the team that allowed me to develop myself in a way where I could present my ideas and make changes within the college community, such as Meat-free Mondays.  I wanted to contribute to making the college a better place and to become part of a community that shares similar interests. 

Initially, I lacked confidence in speaking English but they supported me by reassuring me that I could express myself and be confident in my communication. 

They created a nice atmosphere where we learned from each other, played games, and eventually became like a family. We had a project and followed the plan that we collectively created, sharing ideas, listening to each other, being creative, and maintaining a respectful environment.

What skills have you gained from this?

Through this experience, I have developed communication, time management, and social skills. I appreciate the inclusive atmosphere where everyone’s voice is heard.

How do you balance your commitment to your studies with your involvement in extracurricular activities like the I’m INspired programme?

Extracurricular activities provide me with relaxation and allow me to explore different interests. I carefully plan my day to manage my commitments effectively.

Additionally, I volunteer as a teacher’s assistant at Leeds City College, assisting students with their questions in GCSE mathematics.

What are your plans after sixth form?

I am certain that I want to pursue a career related to medicine and aspire to make a positive impact by helping others.

What advice would you give to students starting in September? 

You should start revising and studying diligently from September onwards. It’s important to stay on top of your time management and organisation to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Plan every minute of your free time. Believing in yourself and staying focused will help you achieve your goals.